Tuesday, August 29, 2006


by Adam Gibson

i i i i i i
me me me me me me
i i i i i i
me not you me me
i myself me
not you me
me me only
only me not you
i i i i i i (i)
me me me me
i not you only me
me not you only i
i this and i that
me yes and you no
you what? you who?
me this and me only
meee me
me myself me
me me my mine
my world my actions
you who?
what world of yours?
my sage observations from
the corner of the room
fill all the roles adequately


kaz said...

I love your poems.
All of 'em.
But this one made me laugh the most. I don't know if it was meant to be funny...maybe I'm laughing at the real bad australian accent I hear in my head when i read it, trying to be you cos thats what its about. I cannae put my finger on it. But it made me giggle. Surely a reaction is all that matters?

PS you're missing a 'W' at the top of yer page ;-)

Adam Gibson said...

Haha, thanks Kaz for the tip on the missing "w" ...!!

Please feel free to forward this blog to all and sundry!