Friday, August 25, 2006

some other dream

By Adam Gibson

(For Simon Gibson)

some other dream i had,
what did it involve?
some other highway and some other car,
some other season, some other person or reason,
some other silence and
some other collection of towns to be passed through
and passed by,
us two, we're in it.

some other dream of
some other city,
some other specific scent of the night
and the quality of light.

the pale light of a European winter
(to break your heart and head in
dreams of memories and moments),
some other dream-light in the long days
of June and July
in the elbow-crook of the Bay of Biscay,
some other specific of nights
washed with beer hair and
cigarette shirts and days of
wine feet and coffee eyes.

some other dream
of other countries and other summers
and other lovers,
some other dream of empty water,
the silent hiss of a wave's last kiss on beach,
the silent night,
the dreams of the San Sebastian sunset,
the backend of a Basque day,
Northern Lights forgotten,
southern stars blurred,
a dream we lean towards touching
all the way to oncoming day.

some specific dream,
a feeling of towns and unlocked gates,
laughing at languages,
speaking some other tongue just because you can
and i feel like it
and you want to.

some specific dream where i see an unfolding path,
semesters of new hope,
a bachelors' degree in non-bachelorhood,
an undergrad's diploma in kissing and being kissed.

some other dream i had,
what did it involve?

the sky of absolute perfection,
the perfect sandwich,
hands held with no sorrow for tomorrow,
none at all,
no regret, no reason, no silence in the night,
but laughing and arguments,
each fuelled by the same petrol that ignites the other:
the explosion of a laugh only possible
if shadowed by the animus of the
explosion of swearing.

some other dream of extremes and their b-sides
– the moment between sleeping and waking,
between dreaming and knowing …

that's where we seek to exist
that's where we seek to exist.

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