Tuesday, September 05, 2006

imagined spam

By Adam Gibson

any green computer calculates or maybe any bluish noisy bra walks.
any given small sony stinks the time that any beautiful eraser got an idea.
any given beautiful ram calculates and still her hairy gun got an idea.
a red recycle bin snores and their well-crafted noisy pensil smiles at the place that any stupid soda calms-down as soon as any given white dog stands-still or her daughters golden eraser arrives and any silver bicycle calms-down.
her purple bra looks around.
any tall carpet shows its value the time that our children well-crafted sport shoes arrives.
the fancy bluish beautiful smart sport shoes sleeps.
a silver boots prepare for fight.
her daughters green recycle bin fidgeting at the place that their expensive well-crafted round-shaped recycle bin spit.
his brothers well-crafted paper run.
a given well-crafted forge show its value while mine smart omprella run.
our well-crafted soft ipaq fidgeting or maybe any given small clock spit.
the expensive beautiful beautiful shining printer calms-down and perhaps a given golden soft book smiles.
a soft printer stares or maybe her daughters red boots sleeps.
a given small ram run.
his golden bicycle spit while mine red noisy camera smells.
mine stupid white bed smiles at the place that any smart wine prepare for fight or the fancy mobile phone snores.
any noisy paper falls and perhaps any soft ram is on fire.
whose noisy mobile phone is on fire as soon as any given odd shaped wine smiles.
his round-shaped spoon adheres.
her round gun prepare for fight.
a round-shaped gun lies or maybe our silver omprella prepare for fight at the place that our children expensive eraser got an idea.
her daughters small red bicycle spit.
their well-crafted bluish car stands-still.
our children red spoon arrives or maybe her daughters soft balloon lies and a white golden tv smiles.

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