Thursday, November 09, 2006

The fire in the Ghost Train at Luna Park

By Adam Gibson ©

the turnstile of Luna Park
a wonderland time to bust
back then on the spinner
we scramble to get to
the middle and hold our possie
as it flings us off into the
middle of the distance
and we slide akimboed
by the magic force
and off we go into rich-smelling pad bags
torn at the corners
and older than us and the
sound all echoing off
the walls and the mirrors
and the sunlight is coming in off the harbour
and screams are falling down
with hessian sacks
wrapped around them
on the Giant Slide
and there is the smell of smoke
and of metal and cigarette butts
and cigarette hands
and cigarette mouths
and cold metal and glass
and nylon tracksuit pants
and the squeak of shoes
and the whirr -clatter
of the Big Dipper
sheering past
and before anything even happened
we knew the
ghost train was haunted
and when it did catch fire
we were shocked
but on another level
certainly not surprised

1 comment:

Dale T said...

i remember this so well

i can almost feel like i am right there, ah

all the best mate