Thursday, December 28, 2006

by speeding life

By Adam Gibson ©

i'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
but i'm wearing a singlet

i'm playing things by ear
but i might be going deaf

i've got one eye on the prize
but it's a booby prize

i'm playing the field
but the ground is closed for renovations

i'm waiting for my time to come
but it's past my bedtime

i'm painting the town red
but i've painted myself into a corner

i've got the end in sight
but i haven't begun

i'm looking out for number one
but i can't find it anywhere

i'm sowing my wild oats
but the crop could fail

it's a two-horse race
but i'm a doubtful starter

my cup has been runneth over
by speeding life

it takes two to tango
but i've got two left feet



SupaSteff said...

i am so grateful to you for this usage of words for finding the lost ways to the funny nooks and crannies in my heart and soul that i have so succesfully avoided and that yet so very need to be recognised - You are a talent not to be ignored and I thank you from all those depths and corners of my heart for it.

SupaSteff said...

i saud it once, and i'll say it again - twitched and twirked me