Thursday, April 05, 2007

the night we went swimming

By Adam Gibson ©

and we agree that 'Nightswimming' by REM

is the greatest song ever written
even though you lost your Grandma's ring
on the night we went swimming in 1997
and maybe it is still down there on the Bondi sand somewhere,
though I doubt it;
a lot of feet have trod that specific spot
since that specific time,
bulldozers have bulldozed the beach back and forth,
sand cleaners have ran their grated teeth to and fro,
metal detective elderly men have fossicked and found everything
there is to be found of value (and otherwise) there.

I'd say that ring is long since pawned,
appeared briefly in the window of the Money Lent stores
on Oxford Street, Bondi Junction,
or cashed in at a Cash Convertors somewhere,
and now it sits on someone else's finger,

far from the water,
and even further from
the night we went swimming
and lost it,
the both of us.

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