Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not getting enough wake

By Adam Gibson ©

my wake just hasn’t been good lately,
i’m just not get enough wake these days it seems.

my wake has been very disturbed,
it’s been all over the shop.

there have been so many disruptions
throughout each day.

i’ve been sleeping in the middle of my wake, for starters,
and then i’ve been grabbing wake
at the most inappropriate times.

someone recommended meditation
to help me improve my wake
but i found i fell asleep in every class.

i tried yoga and discovered that i became very flexible,
learnt the intricacies of the menstrual cycles of
the 12 girls in my class and could order a mean indian dish,
but that my wake didn’t improve in any noticeable fashion.

lately, in a further move to improve my wake
i’ve been self-medicating with alcohol.

this has had some affect.

my wake appears to be lighter and more relaxed,
i am day-dreaming like a crazy man,
but i’ve been warned by some killjoy
that alcohol is a depressant and while
i feel that my wake is pretty good,
i’ve been told the wake i am getting is actually

good quality wake.

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kaz said...

i love it!
this is my new favourite