Thursday, June 21, 2007

The building of the breakwall

By Adam Gibson ©

the breakwall was built back at the beginning of the decade,
concrete blocks were bulldozed down the beach beside
the rivermouth starting on the low end of a full-moon tide
of the summer solstice and the whole town ate sandwiches
on blankets as Kenny King pushed the levers of the bulldozer
and the air filled with the blue smoke and the fumes
and the men all gathered to oversee the operation
with the concern of fathers awaiting a birth, all eager to be of any assistance

but betrayed in their efforts by their lack of any specific knowledge
about the necessary procedures: just because men know about boats
doesn't mean they know about breakwall construction and so
while they fussed and commented, Kenny King just got on with the job
and he did it his way regardless and so it was done, the breakwall built,
back at the beginning of the decade.


amanda said...

that is a a really wonderful poem adam, i love it. thanks


Thommo said...

that is one of your best gibbo. and i'm LOVING the new site design. f*$k me! looking very pro!
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

How good is your site looking Adam!? Great stuff.