Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spoken to like that

By Adam Gibson ©

you told me that you loved me
- what in heaven's name have i done
to be spoken to like that?

i have kissed you and i have missed you,
i have wined and dined you,
i have touched my finger
to your sleeping mouth
i have helped your parents move house
i have been to endless family christmas dinners
i have visited foreign churches and
hidden with the sinners

you told me that you loved me
- after all that i have done for you.

Pre-show at the Lido

By Adam Gibson ©

Ushered into the 100 euro cheap seats,
a champagne cork is popped and
we face the Lido stage with a
Japanese tour group in tracksuits to our right
and a Korean ensemble with
loud demands to our left
as waiters who are waiting to be actors
(or vice-versa)
hover nearby with a French masculinity which says
you will be tipping me and
you will be tipping me only
and a louche ensemble of old-hand musos
peels smoothly through a set of soft-edged favourites
to warm up this showbiz cattle-class,
the horded assembly of people like me
ticking off their holiday dreams and now
waiting patiently
for the bloody show to begin

1 comment:

Tamara, Sydney said...

Been there and done exactly that Gibbo!