Thursday, September 13, 2007

That storm treated Leichhardt poorly

By Adam Gibson ©

that storm treated Leichhardt poorly,
its wind unkind to wires and trees:
the splintering crash at 7am
(while watching the news of tv about the storm)

- the sound of wood splitting is silver droplets,
it is an onion being bitten,
it is a world sliding out of control
with no thought for you,
none at all,
not a cracker.

Thomas called the State Emergency Service
but due to the current state of emergency
they were too busy to provide any service.

so the tree leaned over and kept leaning,
leant so far as to be reaching in against
the recently-installed rangehead in the kitchen,
the freckled bark and the small terrified trails
of darting ants so exotic from so close, now inside,
a whole universe previously in existence
only three metres away for the past 30 years
suddenly now available in microscopic detail

that storm treated Leichhardt poorly.

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Markenj said...

Love it Adam, love it!