Thursday, November 22, 2007


For Mel Ford

By Adam Gibson ©

and she was up the front for every gig

and she knew all the words to every song

and she sat there watching and she sang along
and she wore her heart on her sleeve

and gave us something to believe
we were getting it right and touching a heart

and that was a start from which we could build
and I've lost something now that she won't be there

sipping a beer and swaying on her chair
after trudging across town in pain to bear

and the lost things we spoke about
and the happiness she felt

the result of our song
and I knew all along

her heart there reaching
but I never knew how hard nor for how long

and all I can say now is what I can't tell
but bloody hell, this poem's for you now

and we'll miss fucken miss you Mel.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

This poem just blindsided me. I heard you at the Excelsior a few weeks back, decided to check out this site, and here's a poem about my lovely friend Mel. Thank you for writing so beautifully about her and for her... she'd have loved this so much. Mel, the old places just aren't the same without you. x