Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost in transaction

By Adam Gibson

on my first ever night in tokyo
i'm not so much lost in translation
as i am lost in transaction,
the 'American hamburger sandwich'
i just ate, i realise uneasily after the fact,
costing me over forty Australian dollars
and now sitting precariously in my belly,
possibly preparing for immediate escape;

while i have a yen for different places
it seems the Yen isn't so keen on me
and while i was never good at maths
i never pretended or aspired to be,
however currency rates i was never bad at
but this exchange has got the better of me

and Tokyo from this hotel window
looks to me across the night
like Botany in Sydney, or Alexandria:
orange lights of industrial estates,
wharehouses and
white light-commercial vehicles lurking,
planes landing low overhead with
screaming fuselage and metal-fatigued wing.

in a city of 12 million people
i can see no human soul
and only feel a dull buzz from the night
that indicates people exist out there
so while i am lured on one level by
the prospect of exploration
i pass up on the possibility
and head down to the empty hotel bar
only to find Scarlett Johannson
has instead opted to stay in her room.


Benito Di Fonzo said...

Tokyo looks like Alexandria? You just saved me a fortune Adam: I live in Alexandria you know. Although, I dare say you got one of those 'free stopover nights' at an airport hotel (I remember I was offered one in Tokyo of the way to Rome, but chose Helsinki for some reason that evades me now... proabably dosh.)

By the way, Mileta's in Paris at the moment, she's staying at that bookshop were writers can stay for free 'Shakespeare & Co.' You should visit it, Ginsberg and Heminway both crashed there apparently. See - do a recky for me perhaps.

Adam Gibson said...

hey thanks Benito

yeah it was a stopover thingo; felt all very impersonal. but then, dunno what i was expecting

caught up with Melita last night. had a beer or two. was great to speak to an Aussie!

and yes, i think u should try to stay at Shakespeare and Co. Mileta knows all the info.