Thursday, October 12, 2006

busily appreciating sydney

By Adam Gibson

of keen eye,
you believe in tree and sky
and headland fringed with white,
cat curled on warm footpath
with a smile on its face under awning
and the texture of old australian wood
on old australian ferry
across to milson's point,
mcmahon's point
then balmain east.

the white light just after sunset
and an atomic blast of bushfire smoke,
a back-burn gone arse-up,
blitzing ku-ring-gai
and threatening land and sky,
kangaroo and dog,
as circular quayed trombonist
begins the muppets' theme (again).

busily appreciating sydney,
in full-time employ of enjoying
the harbour bridge,
i'm keen to lick the opera house
if security will allow me
(my photo is on their hq wall).

busily appreciating sandstone and brick,
and streets that end in beaches,
busily appreciating seagull fleeing ferry
and the pearly-churn of wake,
busily appreciating tree and sky,
busily appreciating this
australian day.

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