Thursday, November 23, 2006

an ancient sense

By Adam Gibson ©

10 years ago a storm from siberia
(that's what the tv news said)
came over to france while I was here
and brought to me an ancient sense of europe,
darker worlds and places,
brutal lives by fireside and hearth,
smoke through cold air,
machinery and bullets,
flesh and mud,

the secrets of gilded drawing room and
shadowed passageway,
barbed wire and bombs,
the blood which flows between
the rivers of countries,
the lock-step march of nations,
battalions silent in their graves.

europe, now i can't decide
if you mean nothing at all to me,
or something else altogether.


Susoz said...

I love this one Adam. I'm just finishing Madame Bovary - very French, very European, very past but not past...

Adam Gibson said...

Thanks susan! Have you been getting my 'Poem of the Week' emails? i had some trouble with yr email ... think i have fixed my prob in past couple of weeks though,

speak soon