Thursday, November 23, 2006


By Adam Gibson ©

in Fremantle Cash Converters
we convert our scraps of life into
further bits and pieces;
birthday presents long since unremembered
become 20 dollar bills,
while items held upon the shelves of years
fall into our pockets,
happily converted;

all the effort and love
and labour and life,
all the innocence and warm thought,
the goodness and hope and happiness and belief,
is reduced to a crooked sticker
slapped on the side,
a handwritten note so barren of heart
yet so assured in its own belief

honest home furnishings,
silent mobile phones
(like lost children)
and CD players that are four years out of date,
their "features" long since exposed as gimmicky equalisers
with an overusage of chrome paint, LED lights and
sub-woofers that have lost their bark.

1 comment:

wk said...

I can just see it so clearly mate. Nice and evocative of that Depressing place

GO freo